Triveni Herbal Formulation Pvt. Ltd.

Why Triveni Herbal?

5 reasons to Choose Triveni Herbal
1.    Herbal & Natural Ingredients
2.    Just Natural
3.    Classical Methods, Modern Equipment
4.    Women, Farmer Empowerment.
5.     Pure Vegetarian & Non GMO

1. Herbal & Natural Ingredients

We strongly believe in Ayurveda. Herbal & Natural ingredients is our high priority.  Collection of herbs and preparation of medicines on a specific Nakshatram (holy day) with mantra chanting as mentioned in Ayurveda granthas is our Routine practices. This process helps us to bring all active principals and medicinal properties of herbs in to your medicine.  These Pure Herbal and Natural ingredients makes positive impact on human health and wellness.

2.Just Natural

Zero Harmful chemical use is our policy. We always care for our customer’s health. We always use toxins free natural ingredients for our formulation which makes our product safe and effective. We strictly avoid use of harmful chemicals like mineral oils, Harmful colors and additives. Our team ensures this in every Batch of Products. This create happies and health among our users community.

3. Classical Methods, Modern Equipment

Our ideology is Ayurveda. The founder of company is himself an Ayurveda and Yoga Graduate. His long experience gives us strong foundation of Ayurved Medicinal Preparations. We always follow the guidelines given by Ayurveda Acharya’s. Preparation of medicine is performed by traditional methods with modern equipment which makes us more effective and we can ensure

4. Farmer & Women Empowerment 
Our team works with women and farmers to empower them. We provide them plants and seeds of herbs which grown in their farms. We ensure them for buying their crop on pre decided minimum price. This policy of company making positive impact in farmers and empowering them. We use these adulteration free naturally grown herbs in our products which gives best results. 70% women are working in our team.


5. Pure Vegetarian & Non GMO

In near future everyone will know the importance of vegetarian diet.  Most people wants vegetarian ingredients in medicine and nutrition. To fulfil this requirement we made this our policy to use no ingredients which are made from or derived from animals.  We ensure total green products to our users. Now a days GMOs are being used in many products but we have zero tolerance policy against GMO.