Triveni Herbal Formulation Pvt. Ltd.

Our story

Dr. Bhushan Deo, born in village of Anturli was introduced to Ayurveda by his father, who having acquired ancient knowledge from his spiritual guru used to treat needy people. Mesmerized by power of this science, Dr.Bhushan decided to pursue professional education in Ayurveda. After completing education, he chose to serve tribal community in Gadchiroli for one year. On returning to hometown, he demonstrated his expertise in Ayurveda by treating numerous patients for chronic diseases, conducting several Panchkarma camps and health awareness talks for women.


In the process, he explored uncharted path of application of Ayurveda for Hair and skin diseases as well as non-communicable diseases. After working for last decade in rural and urban area, he realized the need of providing original, natural and non-chemical herbs to wider section of society. Being a farmer himself, he decided to harvest the ayurvedic herbs in his own farms and inspired other farmers in vicinity. 



He started providing those own produced medicines to his patients and to some other ayurvedic practitioner. Excited by tremendous results reported by patients as well as high cost of similar products in market made he realized the need of scaling up the production and reach to wider section of society with reasonable affordable priced medicine. 


Triveni herbal is manifestation of Dr.Bhushan Deo and his medical team commitment to provide authentic, natural solutions to help patients gain immunity and overcome diseases.  As said in Ayurveda we strongly believe in   à ¤¸à ¥à ¤µà ¤¾à ¤¸à ¥à ¤¥à ¥à ¤¯à ¤¸à ¥à ¤¯ à ¤¸à ¥à ¤µà ¤¾à ¤¸à ¥à ¤¥à ¥à ¤¯ à ¤°à ¤•à ¥à ¤·à ¤£à ¤‚, à ¤†à ¤¤à ¥à ¤°à ¤¸à ¥à ¤¯ à ¤µà ¤¿à ¤•à ¤¾à ¤° à ¤ªà ¥à ¤°à ¤¶à ¤®à ¤¨à ¤‚ à ¤š”  “Preservation to health of healthy person and treating diseased person”.