Triveni Herbal Formulation Pvt. Ltd.

Register your Herbal Nursury

Herbal and organic industry is growing very fast world wide. Big companies are investing in herbal and organic farming sectors. We are connecting herbal, medicinal plant farmer’s everyday with us. We planning to provide them plants and seeds for farming. We also develops Herbal Gardens. Triveni Herbal joining certified medicinal plant nurseries to fulfil this purpose. Those who are developed a Herbal, medicinal plants nursery can join to grow their business with Triveni Herbal.

We support to speed up your Business

  • Digital Platform- We have very strong ethical marketing team which help you to connect with customers. Through this digital platform you can easily sell your plants and seeds with our registered farmers and bulk buyers and also with our household customers.
  • Pre booking- We connect you with our farmers and potential buyers to pre book their bulk order.
  • Herbal Garden Projects- We also Consult to develop Herbal garden like Oxygen parks, Nakshtra Garden. So we can collaborate with you to fulfil these projects.

Why to choose us?

  • Connected farmers  all over India
  •  Marketing Support
  • Digital Platform
  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Great Team Support
  • Made In India