Triveni Herbal Formulation Pvt. Ltd.

Business with Us

Ayurveda is becoming global now a days with bright future. Ayurveda and Herbal products contributing Indian economy more than ever in this era.   Triveni Herbal Company is growing fast in Ayurveda, Herbal and Organic Food sector. We are providing a Digital platform for Organic farmers, Ayurveda, Herbal Companies, Herbal Plants Nurseries to grow their business.

Our Goal- 

100 Aatmnirbhar Startups –

Indian economy is growing very rapidly compare to other countries in the world.  After COVID-19 Indian leadership took initiative of Atmnirbhar Bharat to promote Indian companies to the globe. Government also promoting Made in India products. To contribute this mission we planned 100 Atmnirbhar startups. We are created Platform for Local farmer, Ayurveda Doctors, Herbal Vendors, Distributors, Herbal Plant Nurseries and Exporters. We are planned to nurture 100 new Atmnirbhar start up business in Rural and Urban India.

Farmer Empowerment-

            To empower the Indian farmer we need to connect farmer to Local and Global market as well as assurance of good value of their produce. To achieve this we created a Digital and online platform for farmers all over country. We are registering farmers with us to introduce their farm produce to Indian as well as global market. We are connecting farmers with big companies for contact farming. This is going to do huge change in a farmer economy.

Quality Medicine and Food products-

Quality herbs to prepare Quality Ayurveda medicine is a huge demand in market today after COVID-19 pandemic. Now World is also knows the power of herbs and Ayurveda. To fulfil this huge demand we start manufacturing and marketing of herbal medicine as well as organic food products. Our goal is provide Quality Herbal medicine and food products to our customers.

Business Opportunities with Triveni Herbal

Join Hands with us as

  1. Organic Farmer
  2. Distributor/Franchisee
  3. Herbal Plants Nursery
  4. Bulk Buyer/Seller