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5 Best Herbs to Consume to Boost Immune System


With again increasing cases of Covid-19, it becomes more important for you to take complete care of yourself and try all possible things to stay away from such dangerous and killing disease. If you are thinking how to boost the immune system against this disease, you must know that you should be having strong immune system so you could easily tackle with covid-19. The next question comes is how to boost immune system? It’s simple! You can shift towards herbal immune system boosters. No doubt they are going to be greatly effective in treating the body.

Following are few herbs which will be helpful to you in staying healthier in today’s unhealthy time.

Make a point to intake herbal immune system boosters on daily basis so your immune system remains to be stronger always.


It’s the herb which can ward off the many health problems. During covid-19, it must be the go-to herb for strengthening the immunity. What makes this the most powerful immune boosting herbs? This herb contains 7 times more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C is the primary nutrient which our body need for developing strong immune system. Also this herb contains vital nutrient that strengthen cells, muscles etc. You can take this for its high level of amino acid, iron, potassium and calcium.


It’s another most powerful immune boosting herbs and is effective in keeping body safe against dangerous pathogens because of its anti-fungal, anti-viral as well as anti-fungal properties. Neem keeps the blood clean and also purifies blood through flushing away toxins and strengthening immunity.


It’s the adaptogen that can decrease stress level.  Stress lowers the immune system and makes the body vulnerable to viral infections. You can take it during these days to eliminate the risk of getting in touch with covid infection.


Garlic is good at protecting you against the infection of coronavirus by stimulating the immunity. It contains allicin, a plant compound acting as germicide. Remember to make most of this herb and try to take it partially cooker or raw.

Black cumin

Black cumin extract keeps you at a distant from wide assortments of viruses and bacteria which attack immune system. Both black cumin seeds and oil acts as antioxidants and helps flushing out free radicals which weaken the immunity.


These are the herbal immune system boosters you can think to use to stay away from any sort of infection and live healthy life.