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4 Immune Boosting Herbs to Beat Coronavirus


Are you thinking about how to boost immunity against covid-19 attack? Well, you know that a strong immune system can be the right solution to fight against coronavirus. And followed by the same an important question arises is how to boost the immunity in a way that doesn’t harm the body? Turn towards the miraculous solutions Ayurveda provides. Ayurveda stated long that plant extracts can do a lot to strengthen the body. According to Ayurveda, our body can withstand infections when the seven layers of our body are strong. When seven layers work together, our immune will be boosted. What layers need to remain healthier? Ojas is a restrained and indistinguishable essence of body tissues that keeps you healthy. Ayurveda said that certain plants and products can build ojas to make powerful immunity. Below are some Immune boosting herbs which will help your body produce more Ojas and keep the virus at a distance.


It’s one of the wonder Immune boosting herbs, favored by Ayurveda. This aromatic lead can be the primary line of protection against coronavirus. Basil is a powerful germicide and due to its antioxidants and phytochemicals, it can effectively find germs, bacteria, and viruses the moment they get into your body and destroys them. Just chew a few leaves in the morning and can add a few drops of boiled water with it into your food.


Since era immemorial, neem has been respected and is used popularly as Immune boosting herbs. It is effective in keeping the body safe against attacks by harmful pathogens. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties make it the most preferable herbs. It can keep your blood clean. It purifies the blood by flushing away toxins and it can make stronger immunity.


It is a herb that wards off many health complications. These days of the covid-19 attack, it should be the go-to herb for immune system strengthening pickup. What makes it a powerful immunity-boosting herb? It contains 7 more times vitamin-c than oranges. Vitamin-c is a primary nutrient which our body needs for developing strong immunity.


It’s an adaptogen which means that it can lessen the stress level. Stress lowers the immune response and that makes the body vulnerable to viral infections. Taking this during the pandemic to eliminate the risk of contracting the virus infection is the right decision.


The things for improving immunity are within your reach. You can consume these herbs in form of herbal products and beat the virus. You can get these herbs in the best herbal products that you can shop from a reliable herbal productssuppliers India.